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Barry Rix

I don’t come from a Christian family and for 28 years of my life I had no faith or belief in God, the very idea as far as I was concerned was superstitious nonsense.  Being a keen Sci-fi fan, I had my own theories about life, the universe and everything in it.

One Sunday afternoon I got caught by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and to get rid of them I accepted one of their publications. Well, they kept coming back, and I ended up having a regular study time with them.

During our time together, they regularly spoke about all the terrible things happening in the world, but how Jehovah would soon bring an end to war, wickedness, disaster and death at Armageddon, and if I wanted to escape God’s wrath, then I needed to become a JW (one of God’s chosen people) while there was still time.

About the same time the Bradford City football stadium fire unfolded on TV, and this shocked me. It made me realise my own mortality and that there must be more to life than this fragile existence.

I remember praying to God for salvation, but at the same time I knew I could never be a JW, in keeping their religious rules, and this frightened me because, I felt I wasn’t good enough for God.

Out of desperation I went along to my local C of E, thinking I would see the vicar and perhaps if he could put a good case against the JWs, then I could get on with my life.

The Rev Allen Willet came to see me and we talked at length, but in end he said “Barry, you’re going about this the wrong way, don’t worry about Armageddon, but do worry about, Jesus” and he gave me a copy of John’s gospel.

Reading through it I discovered that it is man’s sinful nature that separates us from God, but in his love he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. John 3:16 spoke to me clearly “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” also John 14:6 Jesus said: “I am the way the truth and the life, no one come to the Father except by me

As a whoever I decided to trust Jesus by asking him into my life, from that moment I felt completely at peace, with God, and we now walk together daily.

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