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I was born and brought up in western Romania and moved to the UK, together with my wife, to work in 2009. I had been taken to Church by my mother as a child but drifted away and so never made a personal commitment to Christ. When I arrived in the UK, I became distracted by other things and except for a short period when I first arrived, never attended church. I completely lost my faith and my life was a mess.

Last year, when my wife was in labour having our first child, it became clear that all was not going well and that the hospital staff were concerned about the safety of them both. I was very distressed and worried and prayed that if Jesus saved them, I would be baptised and begin to follow him as my Lord and Saviour. I am so grateful that Jesus answered my prayer.

Just as I had promised, I committed myself to follow Christ and was baptized on Easter Sunday. I am so pleased that Jesus gave me this opportunity to make a public witness to my faith.

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